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a dedicated directory. Format of this Manual, in this manual all commands are given in code boxes, where the R code is printed in black, the comment text in blue and the output generated by R in green. A function name needs to be assigned to call the function (see below). Usage should be limited to internal functions! Time(ls # returns CPU (and other) times that an expression used, here ls user  system elapsed 0  0  0 date # returns the current system date and time 1 "Wed Dec 11 15:31:17 2012" eep(1) # pause execution. Length.7 .7 .1 Table of Contents Other Loops Repeat Loop Syntax repeat statements Loop is repeated until a break is specified. Sample Scripts Batch Operations on Many Files # (1) Start R from an empty test directory # (2) Create some files as sample data for(i in me) mydf - me, Rainrunif(12, min10, max100 Evaprunif(12, min1000, max2000) write. This way one can organize file names by external table.

I j Table of Contents (E) Define a data specific function (here randomize row order) setGeneric(name"randomize deffunction(x) standardGeneric randomize setMethod(f"randomize signature"myclass definitionfunction(x) length(acc(x 1 ) randomize(myobj) a  b  c  d  e. This way the content in the code boxes can be pasted with their comment text into the R console to evaluate their utility. Instructions to fully build an R package under Windows can be found here and here. Stop To stop the action of a function and print an error message, one can use the stop function. (2.2) Alternatively, one can use the following syntax to run R programs in batch mode from the command-line.

This package provides one of the most advanced resources for submitting jobs to queuing systems from within. mylines) print(myresult) eep(1) # halts process for one sec to give web service a break final - ame(Pepmyentries, MWmyresult) cat n The MW values for my peptides are:n final Pep  MW 1 mkwvtfisllflfssays 2139.11 2  mwvtfisll 1108.60 3  mfisllflfssays. Table(i, headertrue, ar "A sep"t assign(i, x) print(i) write. Use the following qsub command to send this shell script to the Linux cluster from the directory where the R script my_script. Zip reposnull) Table of Contents This procedure only works for packages which do not rely on compiled code (C/C). To force variables in functions to exist globally, one can use this special assignment operator: ' -'. Length.7 Sepal.

Txt x - xc(grep J aracter(x perl true) t(ame(strsplit(x, "u,1 ,2. In loop) Table of Contents Calling External Software with System Command The system command allows to call any command-line software from within R on Linux, unix and OSX systems. Print(reg) # Some test function f - function(x) system ls -al test. R -slave my_infile my_outfile Argument -slave makes R run as 'quietly' as possible. Files - les(pattern".txt for(i in files) x - read.

(B) The function new creates an instance of a class (here myclass) myobj - new myclass ay) myobj An object of class "myclass" Slot "a,1,2,3,4,5. Syntax tapply(vector, factor, FUN) Example # Computes mean values of vector agregates defined by factor tapply(ctor(iris,4 factor(iris,5 mean) setosa versicolor  virginica.246 .326 .026 # The aggregate function provides related utilities aggregate(iris,1:4, list(irisSpecies mean) Group.1 Sepal. Often it is desired to create a virtual class and to then have several other classes extend. If you are looking to get started (iOS programming in general or some specific area here are more relevant links for you: Swift or Objective-C? Table of Contents (G) Virtual classes are constructs for which no instances will be or can be created. In fact, most of the R software can be viewed as a series of R functions. This example also shows how easy it is to integrate R with the emboss project or other external programs. To demo what the script does, run it like this: Table of Contents Loan Payments and Amortization Tables This script calculates monthly and annual mortgage or loan payments, generates amortization tables and plots the results: mortgage. Slides, r Code, general Overview, one of the main attractions of using the. Here are some useful commands that can be incorporated in this function: # Generate an example data frame with ID numbers and DNA sequences fx - function(test) x - teger(runif(20, min1, max5) xx1 - "A xx2 - "T xx3.

Occasionally, several commands are printed on one line and separated by a semicolon. Table of Contents (B.1) Replacement method using custom accessor function (acc -) setGeneric(name"acc - deffunction(x, value) standardGeneric acc - setReplaceMethod(f"acc signature"myclass definitionfunction(x, value) x@a - value return(x) ) # After this the following replace operations with 'acc' work. R # imports functions, methods and classes from myscript. R BioConductor manual provides a general introduction to the usage of the R environment and its basic command syntax. Table of Contents (B.2) Replacement method using " operator ( setReplaceMethod(f signature"myclass definitionfunction(x, i, j, value) x@ai, j - value return(x) ) myobj1,2 - 999 myobj An object of class "myclass" Slot "a a  b  c  d  e. In every iteration of the loop one value in the looping vector is assigned to a variable that can be used in the statements of the body of the loop.

R CMD batch options my_script. Table of Contents (D) Define print behavior setMethod(f show signature"myclass definitionfunction(object) cat An instance of class(object " with length(acc(object 1 " elements "n sep if(length(acc(object 1) 5).rep. Syntax for(variable in sequence) statements Example mydf - iris myve - null # Creates empty storage container for(i in seq(alongmydf,1) myve - c(myve, mean(meric(mydfi, 1:3) # Note: inject approach is much faster than append with 'c'. They are used to link together classes which may have distinct representations (e.g. Put any C/C/Fortran code in src. R # execute from shell Table of Contents Large-scale Array Analysis Sample script to perform large-scale expression array analysis with complex queries: lsArray. However, the usage of names of existing functions should be avoided. To demo what the script does, run it like this: Table of Contents Managing Latex BibTeX Databases Script for importing BibTeX databases into R, retrieving the individual references with a full-text search function and viewing the results in R or in HubMed: BibTex. Prototype: an object providing default data for the slots. Please browse it first before asking questions that are answered there.

Syntax if(cond1true) cmd1 else cmd2 Example if(10) print(1) else print(2) 1 2 Table of Contents Avoid inserting newlines between ' else'. Scope Variables created inside a function exist only for the life time of a function. R for Programmers, Norm Matloff, UC Davis, high-Performance R, Dirk Eddelbuettel tutorial presented at useR-2008, c/C level programming for R, Gopi Goswami. Code Editors for R, several excellent code editors are available that provide functionalities like R syntax highlighting, auto code indenting and utilities to send code/functions to the R console. Data slots, methods) from their existing parent classes setClass myclass1 representation(a "character b "character setClass myclass2 representation(c "numeric d "numeric setClass myclass3 containsc myclass1 "myclass2 new myclass3 aletters1:4, bletters1:4, c1:4, d4:1) An object of class "myclass3" Slot "a 1 "a" "b". R # execute from R console R CMD batch my_script.

A Shiny App using this function has been created by Antoine Soetewey here. (4) Submitting R script to a Linux cluster via Torque Create the following shell script my_ #!/bin/bash cd PBS_O_workdimd batch -no-save my_script. Getting Started, r is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Exec C Documents and # opens file with associated program Table of Contents Miscellaneous Utilities (1) Batch import and export of many files. (New posts asking this will be removed).

R the following statement: #!/usr/bin/env Rscript Rscript my_script. Initialize(.Objectmyobj, trix(cars1:3 # Creates a new S4 object from an old one. (1) Speed comparison of for loops with an append versus an inject step: myMA - matrix(rnorm(1000000 100000, 10, dimnameslist(1:100000, paste C 1:10, sep results - null system. Myentries - c mkwvtfisllflfssays "mwvtfisll "mfisllflfssays myresult - null for(i in myentries) myurl - i, " resolutionmonoisotopic sep x - url(myurl) res - readLines(x) close(x) mylines - resgrep Theoretical pI/Mw res) myresult - c(myresult, meric(gsub. R, like this one: # myarg - commandArgs print(iris1:myarg6, ) # Then run it from the command-line like this: Rscript test. Example: Function basics myfct - function(x1, x25) z1 - x1/x1 z2 - x2*x2 myvec - c(z1, z2) return(myvec) myfct # prints definition of function myfct(x12, x25) # applies function to values 2 and myfct(2, 5) # the argument. If Statements If statements operate on length-one logical vectors. Gz cd tempdir zip -r mypackage mypackage # The resulting mypackage. Windows users can simply ignore them. Myve.333333.100000.066667.066667.333333.666667.133333.900000.166667.533333.266667.066667.800000.666667.866667 Table of Contents Example: condition* x - 1:10 z - null for(i in seq(alongx) if(xi.

If you have compiled code, add a useDynLib directive to namespace. Table(x, paste(filesi,.out sep"false, sep"t mes NA) # (4) Same as above, but file naming by index data frame. Less common are repeat loops. If you have questions about R like how to download and install the software, or what the license terms are, please read our answers to frequently asked questions before you send an email. In general, the OOP approach taken by R is to separate the class specifications from the specifications of generic functions (function-centric system). Second, the files are imported one-by-one using a for loop where the original names are assigned to the generated data frames with the assign function.

To demo what the script does, run it like this: Table of Contents Subsetting of Structure Definition Files (SDF) Script for importing and subsetting SDF files: sdfSubset. (B) Once a package skeleton is available one can build the package from the command-line (Linux/OS X This will create a tarball of the package with its version number encoded in the file name,.g.: mypackage_1.0.tar. Table(filesi, headertrue, mes1, ar "A sep"t x - ame(x, sumapply(x, 1, sum meanapply(x, 1, mean) # calculates sum and mean for each data frame assign(filesi, x) # generates data frame object and names it after content in variable 'i' print(filesi. "J"  "ne". . length(acc(object)1 else print(acc(object) ) myobj # Prints object with custom method An instance of "myclass" with 10 elements a  b  c  d  e. The given example will create a directory named mypackage containing the skeleton of the package for all functions, methods and classes defined in the R script(s) passed on to the code_files argument. Useful documentation for BatchJobs: Technical Report, GitHub page, Slide Show, Config samples. Gz reposnull, type"source Table of Contents Windows requires a zip archive for installing R packages, which can be most conveniently created from the command-line (Linux/OS X) by installing the package in a local directory (here tempdir) and then creating. R ' demonstrates how R can be used as a powerful tool for managing and analyzing large sets of biological sequences. Output files from R will be stored under directory "results # while the standard objects from BatchJobs will be stored in the directory "BatchJobTest-files".

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